Satellite phone rentals

ekit V520 rental features

  • Includes Passport Lite SIM with $5 of free airtime
  • Low airtime rates with no call connection fees!
  • FREE to receive calls in France, Italy, Spain and the UK
  • Excellent coverage in over 140 countries
  • FREE for family and friends to call you
    (30 minutes free call time in total. A per minute surcharge applies thereafter)
  • FREE online Travel Journal
  • Voicemail 24/7 Customer Service
  • FREE incoming text messages
  • Send text messages from $0.79 USD each
  • Recharge minutes anytime via the phone or web, or enable auto-recharge
  • Frequent users receive 25% bonus calling time
  • It is prepaid, so no contracts, no credit checks and no monthly fees
  • View call records and receipts online
  • Easy to use call forwarding
  • Receive a United States +1 phone number and Global +44 (United Kingdom) phone number

As low as $0 per day!

Rental rates
1-5 days 6-25 days 26-45 days 46+ days
US $0.00 / day US $0.00 / day US $1.50 / day US $0.99 / day

Up to 25 days FREE Rental!

Optional extras

  • Damage Insurance
  • Local SIM card